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    We offer a unified business management software to efficiently manage your business operations in one place.

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Simplify your content creation and management process with our user-friendly platform, offering a suite of tools designed to free up your time for strategic and operational focus. Our Content Management System (CMS) empowers you to manage your content, products, customers, and digital marketing efforts effectively, streamlining your online presence and operations.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing leverages text messaging to send marketing campaigns or transactional messages directly to your audience's mobile phones. Highly effective in Iran, this approach is ideal for delivering urgent offers, updates, and alerts to individuals who have opted in to receive messages from your business, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management system automates all your inventory-related tasks, offering flexible pricing options to fit your business needs. It ensures your inventory data is always current and detailed, accessible whenever you need it. Additionally, our system efficiently manages your documentation requirements, keeping your backlog organized and up-to-date.

Invoice & Sale

Our system enables you to create professional invoices for shipped goods, complete with essential details like product information, shipping routes, company, and purchaser data. Invoices can be easily sent to customers via Email and SMS, with automatic dispatch facilitated by our E-CRM platform, streamlining your billing process.

Production & Manufacturing

Enhance your production and manufacturing efficiency, quality, and profitability while minimizing downtime with our integrated modules. These tools are designed to optimize operations on the shop floor, where the core of your financial performance lies.

Finance & Cash Flow

Embrace control over your finances with our small business accounting software, designed for flexibility in accounting periods and ease of use without sacrificing powerful features. Cashflow Manager simplifies accounting, allowing you to focus more on your passions.

ShahreNovin specializes in delivering Software As A Service (SAAS) and cloud solutions, focusing on web-based software development for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Iran and Farsi-speaking regions. With extensive experience, ShahreNovin has created a comprehensive business management platform tailored for SMEs, serving a diverse user base and addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses in these communities.

For small and multi-business owners, managing numerous tasks simultaneously can be overwhelming. Business management software becomes essential to streamline operations, minimize chaos, and enhance productivity. Investing in such tools helps in task management, risk prediction, and boosting efficiency, making them indispensable for modern business operations. They've evolved significantly, offering substantial benefits to business stakeholders.